Focus 6 Modules & features

Financial Accounting

  • Budgeting & Planning - Auto Budgeting. Budgeted Profit. Budget Plans for future. Multiple Variations of Budgets. Budgets by Departments, Multi Year Budgeting, Budget Amendments and Version Control for Budget planning, Monthly and Annual Variances
  • Accounts Receivables - Statement of Account. Summary and Detail Aging. Post Dated Cheque Management. Receivable in multiple currencies, Department wise balances of Receivables, Overdue Analysis with multiple Factors. Carry forwarding Bill wise date to next financial year. Delinquency Management. Credit Control.
  • Accounts Payables - Statement of Account. Summary and Detail Aging. Post Dated Payments. Payable plan based on due-date Linked to Cash-flow calendar.
  • Cash & Bank - Maintain banks by currency. Cash-flow calendar. Daily/Monthly Cash book. Alerts on cash going negative.
  • General Ledger - Ledger, Sub-ledger, Transaction history, Journal Day-book, Recurrent and Reversal Journals, Trial Balance, Income Statement and Balance Sheet, Maintains 8 level of Chart of Accounts.
  • Management Information System - Transaction Analysis, Department/Cost Center Analysis, Interest Calculation, Forex Gain/Loss Management, Operations and Financial Ratio Analysis.


  • API enabled
  • Integrated with Microsoft Excel for reports
  • Integrated with MS-Outlook for mail exchange
  • Client-Server Architecture


  • Comprehensive accounting features
  • Complete independence to customize screens and reports
  • No need to rely on external IT expertise for modifications
  • Supports multiple currency and multi-lingual interface options
  • Quick deployment for quicker results



  • Get complete overview of financial aspects
  • Minimize scope of human error
  • Fast and user friendly interface
  • Reduce dependence on human resource
  • Very high return on investment

Focus 6

Accounting Solution for Small and Medium Enterprises

Focus 6 is a comprehensive accounting solution that empowers businesses to maintain, analyze and interpret financial health of the organization. Available at an exceptionally reasonable cost, this solution fits any startup requirement that envisions growth through transparency and efficiency.

Fixed Assets Management

  • Asset Tracking, Asset Uses and Asset Transfers - Multi Level Asset Tree, User Defined Asset Categories, Book Value, Depreciation, Value of Accumulated Depreciation, Sales and Gain or Value tracking. Tracking Asset Photos. Original Purchase, Insurance and sales Values. Asset Location Tracking, Transfer History.
  • Asset Maintenance & Repairs - Maintenance and Repair History, Capitalization of Major Repairs, Scheduled and Break down maintenance, Scheduled Maintenance Alerts and Reports, Integration with parts inventory.
  • Revaluation of Asset, Disposals and Sales - User defined revaluation of Asset and integration with financial system. Auto booking of gain and loss on sale of Asset
  • Asset Depreciation - User Defined Depreciation Commencement Date, User defined depreciation method. Depreciation Schedules. Allocating depreciation to a location based on asset stay. Monthly auto posting of depreciation.
  • Depreciation Schedules and Reports - Fixed Asset schedules, MIS reports onf Asset usages, Asset transfers and Category wise, Asset wise Maintenance and Repair Cost Report.

Order Processing

  • Sales and purchase orders
  • Pending orders report
  • Aging of pending orders
  • Raise orders from reorder report

Inventory Control

  • Inventory Control - Comprehensive set of inventory controls that provider stock movements, stock valuation on FIFO/Weighted Average/Std Cost, Stock Aging and Reorder management, Multi level groping and sub grouping of inventory, Setting Inventory, Purchase and Sales Account at company/Group/Item level for extensive Inventory Analysis. Inventory handling through Attributes
  • Warehouse Management - Define Warehouse/Bin structure, Multiple Bin types and capacities, Reconciliation and Stock verification with the help of external devices, Warehouse wise and consolidated stock reports. Integration of hand held palm devices to ease the dispatch process.
  • RMA Management - Generate Auto RMA serial Numbers, Import Serial Numbers, Generate Serial numbers for alternate units
  • Batch Management - Numeric/Alpha numeric Batches, Auto generate batch numbers. Maintain Manufacturing/Expiry dates for batches.

Attendance & Payroll System

Payroll - Attendance & Payroll Loans & Advances, Calculations of End of Service Benefits according to country local laws, Integrate with Attendance Swipe Cards, User defined Pay slips, Customized Alerts and System generated Bank Transfer letters, Daily/Hourly Attendance Entry , Attendance by Site/Job, Leave Information Calculation of payroll from daily attendance Salary Slip and Bank Advice Reports, Loans, Loss of pay deductions Posting of Payroll Entries to GL, Total Integration with Financial System.